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The Official Publication of the Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention and the UICC-Asian Regional Office and an Official Journal of the International Association of Cancer Registries

The Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention is a biweekly electronic journal publishing papers in all areas of cancer control. Its is indexed on PubMed (Impact factor for 2014 : 2.514) and the scope is wide-ranging: including descriptive, analytical and molecular epidemiology; experimental and clinical histopathology/biology of preneoplasias and early neoplasias; assessment of risk and beneficial factors; experimental and clinical trials of primary preventive measures/agents; screening approaches and secondary prevention; clinical epidemiology; and all aspects of cancer prevention education. All of the papers published are freely available as pdf files downloadable from www.apjcpcontrol.org, directly or through PubMed, or obtainable from the first authors. The APJCP is financially supported by the UICC Asian Regional Office and the National Cancer Center of Korea, where the Editorial Office is housed.

APJCP Chief Editor  APJCP Deputy Chief Editor APJCP Managing Editor
Malcolm A Moore Min-Kyung Lim Hyun Jong Oh 
APJCP Main Editorial Office, APJCP Main Editorial Office, APJCP Main Editorial Office,
National Cancer Center of Korea National Cancer Center of Korea National Cancer Center of Korea
  mickey@ncc.re.kr apjcpedit@gmail.com
APJCP Deputy Chief Editor
APJCP Deputy-Managing Editor APJCP Deputy-Managing Editor
(Chief Editor in China) Ting Chen  Jutima Thongwijit  
Xinen Huang  APJCP China Editorial Office APJCP Thai Editorial Office
Jiangsu Cancer Hospital & Research Institute apjcpchina@aliyun.com apjcpthai@gmail.com
apjcphuangxinen@aliyun.com apjcpchina@163.com  
Assistant in China    
Ying Huang    

National Cancer Center International Sub-Editor
Young Joo Won, astra67@ncc.re.kr Jae Kwan Jun, jkjun@ncc.re.kr
Eun Young Park, goajoa@ncc.re.kr Sang Hyun Hwang, mindcatch@ncc.re.kr
Jae Kyung Myung, jkmyung@ncc.re.kr Jin Kyung Oh, jkoh@ncc.re.kr

Sub-Editors - Western Asia (Turkey, the Arab World, Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia)
Murat Gultekin, Ankara, Turkey, mrtgultekin@yahoo.com Sultan Eser, Izmir, Turkey, sultan.eser@gmail.com
Alireza Mosavi-Jarrahi, Tehran,Iran, rmosavi@yahoo.com Nurbek Igisinov, Astana, Kazakhstan, nurbek.igisinov@mail.ru
Elsayed Salim, Tanta, Egypt, elsayed.salim@science.tanta.edu.eg Munir Amad Abu-Helalah, Karak, Jordan, mabuhelalah@yahoo.co.uk

Sub-Editors - South Asia (Indian subcontinent)
Partha Sarathi Basu, Kolkata, India, eds@vsnl.com Shahid Pervez, Karachi, Pakistan, shahid.pervez@aku.edu
Aleyamma Mathew, Trivandrum, India, aleyammam@yahoo.com Nandagudi S Murthy, Bangalore, India, nsmurthy_44@yahoo.com
Ravi Mehrotra, Noida, India, rm8509@gmail.com Ramnath Takiar, Bangalore, India, ramnath.takiar@yahoo.co.in
Brijesh Sathian, Pokhara, Nepal, brijeshsath@yahoo.co.in  

Sub-Editors - South-East Asia (Mainland, Peninsular and Island, and Australasi)
Adriano Laudico, Manila, Philippines, yago_md@yahoo.com Le Tran Ngoan, Hanoi, Vietnam, letngoan@hmu.edu.vn
Nor Hayati Othman, Kelantan, Malaysia, hayati@kb.usm.my Supannee Promthet, Khon Kaen, Thailand, supannee@kku.ac.th
David Roder, Adelaide, Australia, roder@internode.net.au Evlina Suzanna, Jakarata, Indonesia, evlinass@gmail.com
Suzanne Chambers, Brisbane, Australia, Suzanne.chambers@griffith.edu.au  

Subject Editors - North-East Asia (China, Mongolia, Korea and Japan)
Wanqing Chen, Beijing, China, mrchenwq@yahoo.com.cn Chang-Ming Gao, Nanjing, China, gaocm888@126.com
Qian Liu, Tianjin, China, liuqian@lungca.org  

APJCP Editorial Office : National Cancer Center, Korea. Tel : +82-31-920-1938 Fax : +82-31-920-1939
E-mail : apjcpedit@gmail.com
323 Ilsan-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si Gyeonggi-do, 410-769, Republic of Korea
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